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Financial Aid Help?

Students will need to complete the FAFSA, the RISE Act Financial Aid application, or sign a waiver in order to graduate from high school during their senior year. Click on the picture for more resources!


What College Choices do I have?

There are many different post-secondary choices to choose from from, from community colleges, trade schools, and four year universities. Click on the picture to find out for more tools you can use to get started!


Which career path is right for me?

Finding the best career path for you can be a complicated journey. Luckily, we have some resources for you that can help you to narrow down, or even discover what your post-high school path could be! Click on the picture for more information!


Help Wanted!

There are different organizations and companies that are looking for students who can work part time. Find out more information and how to apply by clicking on the picture above!

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